Five Score and Seven Years Ago

Five Score and Seven Years Ago - Março de 2007

1 Plead the Fifth
2 Come Right Out and Say It
3 I Need You
4 The Best Thing
5 Forgiven
6 Must Have Done Something Right
7 Give
8 Devastation And Reform
9 I’m Taking You With Me
10 Faking My Own Suicide
11 Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care
12 Bite My Tongue
13 Up And Up
14 Deathbed

Gotee Records / Capitol Records

Matt Thiessen - Vocal, guitarra, piano, trompete, trombone
Matt Hoopes - guitarra, banjo, backing vocals
Dave Douglas - bateria, backing vocals
John Warne - contra baixo, backing vocals
Jon Schneck - guitarra, sinos, backing vocals

Ethan Luck - extra bateria em "Deathbed"
Jon Foreman - extra vocal em "Deathbed"