Apathetic EP

Apathetic EP - Novembro de 2005

1 The Truth
2 Apathetic Way To Be
3 Be My Escape (acoustic)
4 Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet(acoustic)
5 Over Thinking (acoustic)
6 In Like A Lion (Always Winter)
7 The Thief

Gotee, Capitol

Matt Thiessen – Vocal, guitarra, piano, sinos
Matt Hoopes – guitarra, backing vocals
Dave Douglas – bateria, backing vocals
John Warne – contra-baixo, backing vocals
Jon Schneck – guitarra, banjo, mandolim, backing vocals

Mark Lee Townsend – acoustic guitar and twelve string guitar on "In Like A Lion (Always Winter)"
Davy Baysinger – additional vocals on "The Truth"
Pete Prevost – additional vocals on "The Truth"
Derek Kern – additional vocals on "The Truth"