The Nashville Tennis EP

The Nashville Tennis EP - 2008

1. Where Do I Go From Here
2. The Scene And Herd
3. At Least We Made It This Far
4. The Last, The Lost, The Least
5. The Lining Is Silver
6. There Was No Thief
7. No Reaction
8. Curl Up And Die
9. You'll Always Be My Best Friend
10. There Was Another Time In My Life
11. Beaming
12. I Just Want You To Know
13. Bee Your Man

Gotee Records / Capitol Records

*EP lançado junto com o "The Bird and the Bee Sides"

Matt Thiessen - Vocal, guitarra, piano
Matt Hoopes - guitarra, banjo, backing vocals, vocal "You'll Always Be My Best Friend"
Ethan Luck - bateria, backing vocals , vocal "No Reaction"
John Warne - contra baixo, backing vocals, vocal "The Last, The Lost, The Least "
Jon Schneck - guitarra, sinos, backing vocals, vocal "Bee Your Man"